Real Estate Financing & Consulting


Financing properties has become our forte. Financing in one form or another is the life blood of the real estate business. Knowing how to contact and who to contact in the lending industry is the key to financing. We have the experience to know when to use conventional financing, bridge loans, hard money loans, lease options, options, joint ventures, mezzanine loans, construction loans, development loans and determining what the project is qualified for in today's financial markets. 


The rules are changing every day. A few years ago the banks were in trouble and were frightened to act. As of this writing the residential market has recovered and is strong. The residential prices have stabilized and are rising. However, in today’s marketplace, new banking rule changes can make qualifying and funding difficult. The rules can, and probably will, change as economic conditions vary.

The retail and commercial properties will be affected next due to numerous closings of retail stores and their inability to pay rent. All retail properties are at risk and if you are trying to buy in this market, watch out. The deal needs to be meticulously structured. With unemployment approaching 4%, multifamily and residential rentals projects are increasing and rental rates are escalating. LTV ratios in retail, commercial and multifamily are going up to stay ahead of the curve. Office and industrial properties are next in this market to see trouble depending on the economy.


Lots and raw land had been pronounced dead for the past few years. Until recently there had not been any financing per se, builders had been letting projects go back to the sellers and the banks. Just lately the well-healed or a select few builders have been picking up land and lots at reasonable rates and holding them in inventory. Financing in this sector is tough, if not impossible, unless you have additional equity or collateral to offer for securitization.

We have a vast knowledge in financing each and all types of properties. We have experience with people that actually fund loans. Let us assist you in acquisitions, financing, or refinancing that Note that is coming due.