Construction and Development Consulting


New Construction and Remodels

In 1977 I initially received my building contractor’s license (B) in California. My companies later received a general engineering license (A) and a swimming pool contractor’s license (C-53). With these licenses we were able to build most anything in California. Later I branched out and built or developed projects in California, Nevada, Missouri, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Texas Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida. We began developing raw land into projects as a natural progression in these areas. At the time we worked on many redevelopment projects.



We are uniquely qualified to help with your development projects. Our specialty is the impossible. We have developed, built, redeveloped and advised on many ventures that all others have passed on. With this expertise, we can look beyond the normal and obvious, The results may be different than desired, but we can let you know what is possible, not only to develop and build, or redevelop, but the true facts of what will work, what can be financed and what will not work. Typically we can discover what needs to be done to be a success.


New Developments

We are now actively looking at projects for our portfolio and are available to look at your projects and help you get your venture completed.